I’m curious about weed, just like you!

I started growing my own cannabis plants at home from seed, I’ve bought medical marijuana from Canadian licensed producers (LP) online since getting my ACMPR in 2015, and I’ve shopped at dispensaries in Toronto and Montreal for recreational cannabis. I can tell you what my favourite strains and strain combos are, what I use them for, and the assortment of ways I’ve gotten cannabis into my body. I’ve sampled a lot: joints, bongs, pipes, dabs, edibles, oils, topicals, hash, vape pens, skin-patches, kombucha and more.

But there’s a lot more for us to learn together as we begin a new era of legalization.

I’ve worked in television production, digital design, and healthcare and have recently focused more of my creative work on cannabis content through social media. Spanning months, I shared on my Instagram Story my successes and mishaps growing cannabis from seed, asking questions and gathering advice/tips/and fist pumps from cannabis enthusiasts around the world. Next, I’ll be producing video content for YouTube and IGTV with a goal of enlightening and entertaining both myself and my audience, while destigmatizing marijuana.

I’ve learned you gotta trip the mind, expand it, forget stuff, learn more, THINK, consume everything; and most important: nourish the stuff that speaks to your soul.

I’m Lia and I get excited about exploring street art in different cities, surviving difficult multi day camping and hiking trips, and experiencing everything to do with cannabis.

Satisfy your nosiness for the herb.. ask me something! Here’s my email: youandicannabis@gmail.com